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We invent, develop and create

Vagus Culinary Studio from Almere is made up of a team of Greek chefs who have received a classical education. They all share the same goal: to invent, develop, and create the most unique dining experiences for their guests. They have high standards for themselves, including when it comes to sustainability.

At a Vagus dinner, you can expect them to use fresh and locally sourced high-quality products. Vagus Culinary Studio's style bridges traditional and avant-garde cuisine with a hint of Mediterranean roots.

The chefs have gained experience at various restaurants including Funky Gourmet Athens (**), Bridges Amsterdam (*), Vork en Mes, De Jonge Dikkert, and W Hotel Amsterdam. You can certainly expect a unique and well-thought-out menu from them!

Sustainability and plant-based cuisine

Evangelos is a highly experienced professional chef with over 15 years of experience in high-end kitchens. He was born and raised in Athens, where he developed a passion for cooking at a young age. After completing his education, Evanvelos began his career as a line cook at a local restaurant, working his way up to Head Chef over the years.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Evangelos and his team noticed a growing need among people for high-quality food services. They came up with the idea to provide customers with a restaurant experience in the comfort of their own homes. This led to the creation of Vagus Culinary Studio, a company that provides high-end catering and private chef services.

For the past three years, the team at Vagus Culinary Studio have been providing exceptional food and service to their clients. Their focus on sustainability and plant-based cuisine has set them apart from other catering companies, and their commitment to quality has earned them a loyal following.

The team’s dedication to creating unforgettable dining experiences have made Vagus Culinary Studio a sought-after company  in the catering industry. They continue to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of fine dining, and the passion for food and sustainability is evident in every dish they create.

From farm to plate

Usage of high-quality, fresh and locally sourced ingredients


Focus on environmental sustainability and green practices

Inspired by innovation

Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation in our menus

Miracle moments

Emphasis on communal dining experiences with our sharing menus

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